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Beginning with what today is called ServingNewThought has been reporting News about New Thought around the world in service to humanity for the almost 20 years.

At times we have created resources which were ahead of their time and then put them on the backshelf.

Other resources proved to be timely and desired such as and

Each year more New Thought books come into the public domain. These books may be old but they are amazing works which are living documents that attest to the timeless nature of our human potential.

Whether you are looking for a New Thought Center near you. Or you want to read the great New Thought classics.

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Don't get stuck on the path, or pinned to the past.

The 21st Century is seeing change around the world and we are seeing that change reflected in New Thought as well as seeing New Thought reflected in the world. New Thought is increasingly reaching for its roots of compassion and wisdom teachings while maintaining Prosperity principles. Only now these principles are being propagated for communities through focusing on partnership. This is an old New Thought principle: "Co-Creation. Iit is being expressed in today's world as partnership with the Divine, partnership with the environment and partnership with each other. Classes are taught to individuals but it is together that individuals succeed through co-creation and interdependent success structures.

New Thought News is powered by Serving New Thought.

We are a collective of caring souls from around the world who believe in New Thought.

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